Triumph Speed Triple ABS- First Impressions – The Fast and The Furious!

Triumph Speed Triple ABS- First Impressions – The Fast and The Furious!

Snapshot: How was my experience of riding the Triumph Speed Triple ABS on Triumph’s Independence-Day ride? Read on to know!

Triumph Motorcycles India organized an Independence Day Ride and that brought me a chance to ride the Speed Triple ABS on the occasion. The ride was planned all-across the country and the Delhi-NCR’s ride leg was flagged-off from the Triumph’s dealership in Vasant Kunj. While I have ridden almost all of the motorcycles that the British brand has to offer, I still had alot to explore about this litre-class naked giant. As the ride took-off the venue, my heart was throbbing loud with the sheer excitement of getting my hands on the Speed Triple. 

The very first thing you will notice as soon as you astride on the Speed is that the seating position is up-right and the seat is well-cushioned, delivering a plush ride. The front twin-beam headlight gives the Speed Triple its unique character. Talking about the character, one simply can't forget the under-seat twin exhausts that howls in anger as soon as it gets going. Comparing the exhaust note with the one on the Daytona 675, the latter has a trumpeted and delightful exhaust note (Imagine Iron-Maiden). Then what about the Speed Triple's exhaust? Well, its loud, bassy, furious and angry like Metallica (Only if you know the difference between the two!)

Speed Triple has a short wheelbase, which gives it the much needed agility, but that's not the only factor contributing to the agility. The way Triumph engineers have moulded all its weight around the centre has given it a jaw dropping light-footedness. It received its newly reworked frame back in 2011 and that along with its heavy central packed design makes it a supple handler. Though there are two heavy exhausts at the rear which is considered an old-school design for mass-centralization and that’s why most of the manufactures have chucked it and opted for underbelly units. But personally, I would never want this to happen with the Speed Triple. It still does a fabulous job with them on.

It packs a semi digital, semi analogue instrumental panel that displays everything from gear change lights, service interval reminder, lap timer, trip computer and fuel gauge. The best thing is that the information is very legible to read irrespective of the lighting conditions.

I didn’t get the time to fiddle with the Speed’s adjustable Showa forks, but they certainly felt at home in the daily city riding. The forks are tuned in a way that it almost felt like gliding over everything that the average city roads had to throw at it. But what I did manage to play with were its brakes, the Brembo's radial four-piston calipers brakes are efficient enough to put an anchor on the much heavier bikes than the Speed Triple. It doesn’t matter what speeds you’re doing, a light tap on the brakes is all you need. Also, the ABS kicks-in at a very right time without scaring the rider on the wet roads.

It comes with a 1050cc three-cylinder engine that churns out 126bhp and 105Nm of torque. The power has been so allocated that the rider feels comfortable zipping through the city traffic, as there's a good amount of linear-torque available right from the start. But hold on, who buys a litre-class naked to ride in the city traffic? I can't reckon many! Past 4,500rpm the Speed Triple transforms into an extra-terrestrial two-wheeled space ship which is just waiting for your signal to take off. Once it's off, you have to hold the handlebar real tight as you might fall off the bike. The immense surge of power beyond that simply makes you forget everything else.

It feels like the Speed Triple wanted to be a fighter-jet, but Triumph Motorcycles forced it to become a motorcycle instead. The Speed hates to keep its nose on the ground, one-wheel up is what keeps it grinning. They say power is addictive and now i know what they mean, Triumph Speed Triple is the perfect example. The ride was a little short and as it ended, all I can think of was my adventure on the Speed Triple. I hope I get it back soon and this time for a longer period. Sigh!

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