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Video – Angry car driver lands punches on the biker, biker takes him down in a second

Video – Angry car driver lands punches on the biker, biker takes him down in a second

Snapshot: The biker takes down the angry man with in a second, without striking back

Just pretend you are on your way back home waiting at a signal and out of nowhere someone comes at you with a flying fist. What would you do? Something similar happened in Yuma, Arizona couple of days back. According to the video down below, an angry driver started landing punches on a biker couple waiting at a signal. Just after the driver started thrashing punches on the couple, the biker took the man down without striking back. Though the couple admitted lane splitting and that made the irritated car driver to strike at them with fists-a-flying. The motorcyclist showed some restraint, all things considered, pinning the driver to the ground and trying to calm him down. The driver injured his ankle when the motorcyclist took him down. The driver now faces charges against him for road-rage.


Here’s a snippet of their exchange, from the 1:50 mark of the video:

Motorcyclist: Dude, I did nothing to you.
Driver: Yeah. You just broke the law.
Motorcyclist: I went in between you on the road?
Driver: Yep.
Motorcyclist: And you’re gonna punch me and assault me for that?
Driver: Yep.
Motorcyclist: And you think that’s the right thing to do?
Driver: …

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on 2015-07-15 02:14:36

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