Video - Road Test - Bajaj Pulsar AS200 - Urban Jungle Junkie!

Video - Road Test - Bajaj Pulsar AS200 - Urban Jungle Junkie!

Snapshot: It is a significant bike no doubt and we have tested it on video to give you our impressions!

The automobile industry is full of legends ad stories of machines that became bigger than their point to point commuting counterparts. Closer home,  one such motorcycle redefined the way Indian motorcyclists toured and took on daily city commutes. The Pulsar 220 in short has been a legend in the Indian motorcycling fraternity and as Bajaj creates a model that in all essence is destined to be its successor, we were naturally excited to see the result, that is called the Pulsar AS200!

 Not taking away the fact that it is essentially a 200NS with a fairing, But the AS200 also becomes the first among the all new Pulsar's to actually gun for a present , older Pulsar's territory and i that lays Bajaj Auto's biggest test yet, will AS200 better the Pulsar 220 in every regard and present itself as a true chosen successor of the best twin spark Pulsar ever!

Below is the video of the road test we did on the Pulsar AS200 and for the complete test review, you can click this link!

Photography - Mohd. Nasir

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on 2016-01-21 12:52:13

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