Video - Road tEst - Benelli TNT300 - Aural Master Piece!

Video - Road tEst - Benelli TNT300 - Aural Master Piece!

Snapshot: You read the review, Now what the Italian beauty and listen to the Aural Nirvana that the TNT300 is....

We get this asked a lot! What according to you is the best motorcycle in the country? But the thing is, one just cannot pick a certain bike up and say, this is it, this one is above the rest. The main problem in this , is the fact that the Indian motorcycle industry, much like us, is a complex state of affairs and to tick every requirement asked of a motorcycle in India is both tough and an engineering challenge for every manufacturer.

This brings us down to the question and the answer lies not in one particular product as such, but in a segment, in what we at Bikeportal call the 'Sweet Spot of Indian Motorcycle Industry'. It is a segment that largely consists of motorcycles from 250cc-800cc and which are priced between 2 lakhs to 7 lakhs around. These bikes have decent power and range to deal with most of the terrain and conditions that our country vastness can throw at them, they are also cheaper to maintain (comparatively) and above all they have a desirability that is highly required in these times.

We got to Road Test one such motorcycle in the form of the Benelli TNT 300, a bike that is one of the most significant motorcycle for its manufacturer in the country while being present in the aforementioned segment along with its bigger siblings, the TNT600i and the TNT600GT. DSK it seems have hit a bulls eye by bringing Benelli to India and to have such interesting products with a brilliant price tags. So how was the smallest and the most affordable motorcycle from the iconic Italian brand, let's find out...

For the complete Text review - click here - Benelli TNT 300 - Aural Masterpiece

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