Video - Triumph begins Teasing 2016 Bonneville, may be Liquid Cooled!

Video -  Triumph begins Teasing 2016 Bonneville, may be Liquid Cooled!

Snapshot: Old world Icon set to receive new world liquid cooling to keep the Polar Bear happy for 2016 model year...


After being spied a number of times now, finally Triumph is accepting that a new Bonneville is indeed coming. We know that the bike in consideration should feature liquid cooling since the spied mules gave that away on a number of occasions. Going ahead with it, Triumph has released a teaser video meaning its hipster machine is getting an update now. The teaser hints at “something big” that is coming our way, well this could very well mean liquid cooling is coming.

A part of Triumph’s heritage line, the Triumph Bonneville is probably among one of the most iconic modern classic of the motorcycle world. However, just like other heritage products and brands like the ones from Harley Davidson, Royal Enfield, Indian Motorcycles and like Harley-Davidson’s machines, these bikes carry an old world charm and aesthetics that are bigger selling points than their technology or reliability.

Thus it doesn't really make it a concern for Triumph to update its iconic Bonni, however, the constantly tightening emission norms especially the upcoming Euro 4 standard, require some older engine designs to get a refresh, in order to save the polar bears. Thus it was a matter of time the old school Triumph Bonneville’s air-cooled parallel-twin got an upgrade to keep the ice bergs from melting.

It seems, it will be October 28th, 2015 when we will see the 2016 Triumph Bonneville, which is likely to come in a number of variants. However, do not expect that the bike would go far from the already popular design language while most of the changes should come into the power plant only.

Watch the video Tease below and wait with us as we bring more updates on the same!

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