Yamaha Cygnus Alpha – Road Test Review

Yamaha Cygnus Alpha – Road Test Review

Snapshot: The Alpha is a good urban scooter that fulfills all the needs. It has a well-designed 21-litres of under seat storage and a smooth and crispy engine!

Indian scooter market has been expanding continuously and so many of the two-wheeler manufacturers are trying their luck by playing their own set of cards. Some are doing exceedingly well and some not. We already have scooters like the Activa, Jupiter and Duet. The Japanese automaker launched the Alpha a few years back. So is the Alpha good enough to compete fiercely in this growing competition or is it ahead of others? Read on to know what we felt like after riding it around Delhi for a couple of days.

Design -

The Yamaha Cygnus Alpha sure looks bold and stylish but contemporary, eerrrrr, we are not sure. You will love the front end of the Alpha in a single glance. Its nose protrudes out at the front, which is not sharp and gives it an unusual look, in a good way of course. It looks tall from the front and has a certain doughty appeal to it. The front fender looks good as well and when compared to the rear end, we are certain that the front looks better.

Its turn indicators are placed conventionally on the front apron with Yamaha’s logo badged in the middle. The side view mirrors are designed well and prove to be functional in terms of keeping an eye on the traffic behind you. The instrumental panel looks neat, and has a speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, turn-indicator signal and high beam indicator. Looking at its competition, we feel that it should be a bit more informative and perhaps making it semi digital will make it better for sure. It can accommodate 5.2L of fuel that can take it to more than 200 kilometres in a single run.  

Engine and performance -

So what is it about this scooter that we liked the most? It is its engine, its brakes and the ride quality it offers. Its 113 cc engine feels punchy throughout the rev range and is surely quicker than its rivals. It delivers 7 bhp of maximum power and 8.1 Nm of torque. The engine feels smooth and refined, and doesn’t produce any vibrations at all. When throttle is fully pinned down, its engine takes the scooter to a maximum of 85km/hr and it sure is quicker than it appears to be. It weighs only 104 kgs and hence its less weight gives it an edge over its rivals in terms of quick acceleration. But in terms of fuel efficiency, the engine delivers around 47 kmpl, which is comparatively low in this segment.

Ride and Handling -

Its handling dynamics make it a confident scooter to ride as it feels really stable when taking corners. Its up-straight riding ergonomics, wide seat and comfortable suspension setup make it a comfortable urban two-wheeler. Like its engine, the drum brakes are impressive as well. They have the bite needed and are progressive in nature. But in case you are looking for more braking power, then you can go for its newly launched version that comes with disc brakes.

The Yamaha Cygnus Alpha comes with telescopic forks up front and a unit swing suspension at the rear. The whole setup feels comfortable and confident on road. So overall, the ride quality is impressive!

Practicality and features -

It comes with well-spacious 21 litre of under-seat storage space, which is enough to store all the grocery items you need but there is no USB charger, which can be seen in many of the scooters today. The storage space also doesn’t have the boot light, which is a quite common feature in scooters.

Also, absence of the parking brake lever may irritate you when parking it on slant surfaces. In a time when most of the scooters are offering external fuel filler lid, alpha has the conventional under seat fuel filler lid. So, all in all, Alpha scores low points when the features part is taken into consideration.

Verdict –

The Yamaha Cygnus Alpha comes with a sturdy and bold-looking body, powerful brakes, and crispy engine. All the elements come together to make the Alpha a good urban two-wheeler. But in a time when every other scooter comes loaded with a lot of features, who is going to buy the Cygnus Alpha? Well, even we aren’t sure of this, as despite being a good performer in practical conditions, it lacks parking brake lever, under seat light, external fuel filler lid and even a USB charging point. We are sure that if Yamaha adds all the aforementioned features to Cygnus Alpha, it will be a better deal.

Photography - Mohd. Nasir
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on 2016-06-17 04:59:48

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