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Yamaha FZ25: First ride review

Yamaha FZ25: First ride review

Snapshot: Yamaha FZ25 is a smooth and comfortable street naked that comes with an aggressive profile and a powerful engine. It has been designed to perform on everyday streets and then put a smile on your face on the weekend when you go out for an early spin.

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Back 2008 when Yamaha launched the FZ16, it was no short of a revolution. It had a beefy torque infused engine and true street naked styling. Indian customers were very attracted towards its fat rear tyre and digital instrument cluster. But it has been 10years and despite so much competition in the market the FZ model line still is an interesting buy. For those discerning riders who have outgrown the performance of the 16, Yamaha has unleashed the fantabulous FZ25. It comes as a powerful street motorcycle for people looking for a bit more oomph for daily commute, and comfort on slightly longer outstation rides.


No doubt in the fact that when it comes to designing an aggressive looking street fighter, Yamaha designers know exactly how to do it. The new LED headlamp is a brilliant looking unit that gels extremely with the muscular tank shrouds. These are designed as air intakes which exude an appearance of a much powerful engine. FZ25 looks modern and is a premium product. The mid-ship muffler looks slick and sounds nice too. It starts from a deep soft rumble and goes up to being growly through mid-range rpm. The quality of the paint and plastics is top drawer and will shame more expensive motorcycles. Tail lamps are LED too which means enhanced visibility both day and night. Yamaha also supplies optional accessories like tank pads and seat covers for people who want their FZ25 to stand apart. However, the tank pad is more a necessity as you will easily scratch the plastic tank. The new digital gauge is a simple looking thing with all needed information like speedo, tacho, time, instantaneous and current fuel efficiency figures in a neatly laid out setup. It is a bit too boring to look at if we’re honest but it functions very well. One niggle are the rear view mirrors that are only capable of showing your shoulders, Yamaha must really work on these.

Engine and performance

Sitting in the middle of this lightweight motorcycle, 148kg with all fluids and full tank of petrol is a 20.6bhp 250cc single cylinder air cooled unit with 20Nm of torque peaking at 6,000rpm. Engineers have tuned this engine to perform best from low-end to mid-range engine speeds as this is where most street naked motorcycles have to perform best. Just from lift-off you will realise how effortless the FZ25 is. The soft clutch is excellent for traffic duties and the lightweight agile nature means easy riding across town. The 5-speed constant mesh transmission is accurate but finding a neutral was a bit tacky, possibly because it was a completely new motorcycle. Be it riding solo of with a pillion, you will never feel the FZ25 running out of breath. Acceleration feels quick but the top end softens past 120kmph. Because we were on a short ride, the display MID went from 35kmpl figures under hard acceleration to nearly 50kmpl when riding sanely. Of course these figures are not that accurate and we will get stronger figures when we test it for a week back in Delhi. The seats especially are very comfortable and you can spend long hours in the saddle.

Ride and handling

As we mentioned earlier, the delivery has been tuned for quick performance but without losing on the comfort bit. Ride is very smooth and the FZ25 takes care of all surfaces with ease. Lightness aids its agile nature and directional changes are immediate. Thanks to the soft compound MRF tyres, braking is confident and despite the lack of ABS braking system it still feels confident. Although other competitors offering ABS might hurt FZ25 sales, do not refrain from taking a test ride, yes it is that good. Handling has always been a big positive on Yamaha motorcycles and the FZ25 is no exception. It handles excellently through low and high speed corners with a wave of usable torque all around through slick gear changes.


As far as first impressions are considered, the FZ25 comes out with flying colours. It has decent torque, is light and fun to ride, has comfortable seats and riding posture and brilliant design that will excite most. Anybody looking for a street naked that has a bit more power but does not compromise quality and comfort, the FZ25 is a serious option. But its lack of ABS and a list of stronger focussed competitors might be putting-off for some. Whatever be the case, Yamaha FZ25 is definitely one which deserves your attention as a fun and easy everyday machine.

Photography: Pawan Sharma

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