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Upcoming Skoda Hatchback Cars in India

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The Indian car market is one of the biggest automotive markets around the world and, in the recent time, it has become a major platform for the global auto manufacturers to showcase and experiment with the new products. The year 2016 has witnessed many technologically-advanced new cars. Let’s have a look at the major changes that the current Indian automotive industry is facing and what can be expected from the upcoming cars 2016-17.

Demand for Petrol & AMT Upcoming Cars

A major change in the market has been the shift of focus from diesel to petrol vehicles due to the government regularities and stringent emission norms. Hence, petrol cars are again becoming the latest talk of the town. Apart from that, in the upcoming cars, automakers are also paying special attention to AMTs/automatic cars due to the raised demand for vehicles with automatic transmission. That’s why, the upcoming cars in India may also be seen in their automatic avatars along with their conventional manual variants.

More Upcoming Cars Going Hybrid

What is also gaining traction with time is the boost in the number of hybrid cars that have been recently launched in the Indian auto market. The hybrid cars are largely becoming famous due to their low fuel consumption and cleaner emissions as compared to petrol/diesel cars. Manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, BMW, Volvo and even Mahindra are already offering their hybrid cars in the Indian market, and the biggest electric automotive technology giant, Tesla, is also expected to make its debut in India in future.

Like every time, some of the most advanced upcoming cars in India will also be unveiled at the 2018 Auto Expo, which is a major platform for all the Indian as well as international automakers to announce their plans on the upcoming cars. However, without waiting for that long, check out some of the most-amazing upcoming cars in 2017 here at Autoportal!

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