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21,154 km  •  Petrol  •   New Delhi  •  2017

2.85 Lakh

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23,519 km  •  Petrol  •   Mumbai  •  2015

2.75 Lakh

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11,000 km  •  Petrol  •   Mumbai  •  2017

3.10 Lakh

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9,319 km  •  Petrol  •   Bangalore  •  2016

3.20 Lakh

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12,783 km  •  Petrol  •   Chandrapur  •  2016

4.85 Lakh

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33,288 km  •  Petrol  •   Ghaziabad  •  2015

2.99 Lakh

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4,707 km  •  Petrol  •   New Delhi  •  2017

3.15 Lakh

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8,430 km  •  Petrol  •   Kalyan  •  2015

3.92 Lakh

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8,586 km  •  Petrol  •   New Delhi  •  2016

2.90 Lakh

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Datsun used cars for sale

Datsun is one of most popular and sought-after automotive brands. In modern market, both new and used models are often purchased by auto fans and connoisseurs of reliable vehicles.

Brand's growth and development

If you want to buy used Datsun, we invite you to get acquainted with brief company's history:

  • Brand was founded in 1911 but received this name much later. Since very beginning, company was called Kaisinya.
  • First car was released 3 years after foundation. Its name Dat-go (according to other sources Dat-car) became a basis for future name Datsun.
  • 1918 - Japanese company received new name Kwaishinsha Motor. At that time, emphasis was on production of trucks for army.
  • 1925 - another name change happened, and a year later, merger with Jitsuyo Jidosha Co.was completed.
  • In early 30-ies, legislative changes were adopted. It was allowed to drive cars whose engine capacity did not exceed 0.5 liters without a driver's license. Immediately after this event, company began developing small capacity cars.
  • A year later, another merger took place. Brand entered structure Tobata Casting. At the same time serial production of small capacity cars was established.
  • 30s of last century - company's production growth began. First serial creation is model Type 10. It was assembled since 1931.
  • A year later, a new modification Type 11 was released. It broke a kind of record - 150 copies were sold.
  • Japanese authorities increased volume of engines to 0.75 liters. Citizens didn't require a driver's license to drive such cars. New modification Type 12 received a more voluminous engine.
  • Simultaneously with capacity growth, next changes took place. At first company was reorganized and got a new name. In 1934, it turned into Nissan Motors or rather became one of components of future auto industry world giant.
  • Such a reorganization became the impetus for technical re-equipment, and already during mid-1930s conveyor plant started to work. Cars of that period produced under Datsun brand had many common features with Austin Motors autos.
  • Toward the end of 1930s, a war with China began. Production facilities were concentrated on assembling trucks for Japanese army. Cars were represented only by one Datsun model with designation Type 17.
  • This situation persisted until 1947. Only at end of 40's organization began to establish and develop production of cars. Significant assistance in this was provided by company Austin Motors with which Nissan formally concluded a cooperation agreement in 1954.
  • Already in late 50's, Datsun cars appeared on North American market, and in 1964 they entered top ten most sought-after US cars.
  • But despite this success, in early 80's, it was decided to completely abandon name Datsun and promote Nissan brand on market. This decision connected with need to gain foothold in securities market of United States.
  • Renaming process was costly and complicated. It lasted 5 years, until 1986. Nissan spent about $ 280 million on re-branding, but even in late 80's, name Datsun was closer and more familiar to consumers from different countries than Nissan.
  • 2012 - more than 20 years after renunciation of name Datsun Nissan's leadership decided to revive it.

Pre-owned Datsun at Autoportal

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