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6,700 km  •  Diesel  •   Hyderabad  •  2017

40.00 Lakh

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50,000 km  •  Diesel  •   Hyderabad  •  2013

29.00 Lakh

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10,000 km  •  Diesel  •   New Delhi  •  2016

85.00 Lakh

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3,000 km  •  Diesel  •   Faridabad  •  2018

39.00 Lakh

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36,000 km  •  Diesel  •   New Delhi  •  2013

25.25 Lakh

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59,442 km  •  Diesel  •   Mumbai  •  2014

27.25 Lakh

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Jaguar used cars in India

On now available 6 second hand jaguars for sale. Buiyng jaguar used vehicles on our website you can be confident in your choice. Used jaguar prices from 25.25 Lakh to 85.00 Lakh. When you buy used jaguar on, you can calm down yourself. This article will help you to find a good one from second hand jaguar cars for sale in India.

How to buy used cars

Buying used jaguar for sale in India "from hands", you should always be prepared for one fact that unpleasant surprises in a secondary market are often met. And in order not to own a "cat in a sack" or not to run into villains you should follow certain rules, especially if it's very popular way to buy - by ad.

First of all, when studying any announcement about pre owned jaguar cars for sale, one should not take seriously those reports that it was stored exclusively in some garage and was operated only in some good conditions. These arguments can afford almost all sellers, because they can not verify what they claimed to be, and such "tricks" sometimes act on a trustful nature. Do not also believe all photos: it's not a fact that this car depicted is exactly that is offered. And most importantly: you should always consider that your selected ad can be published by an intermediary, a dealer or a professional "distiller."

Phone conversation

The first step after buyer chose one appropriate option is a call to your seller. Preliminary it is better to think over the conversation and prepare a list of questions whose purpose is to clarify the primary picture of the state of his machine. Even at your meeting and her examination will only have to carefully verify all information received by phone. First of all, it is necessary to find out whether PTS is a duplicate. If original of this document has expired, let the owner bring it to the primary inspection (usually, original is retained).

Next, find out any reason for automobile’s sale; number of owners; the locality where this machine was operated; Are there any dents, scratches or corrosion? presence of current technical problems; details of its emergency past; information on presence of overhauling the engine or about the replacement any large units or aggregates (gearbox, general absorbers, shock etc.) It is also necessary to ask that when meeting should be clean not only its body and interior of his carot, but also machine’s engine compartment.


A twisted counter can be recognized by a professional mechanic who also calculates the average mileage of the run for minor factors - the year of manufacture, the condition of car’s body and its technical stuffing, the work of the suspension, the engine and the transmission.

An age of one’s car can be indicated by his rubbed surface on a rim of a steering wheel, crumpled seat cushions, worn and deformed plastic panels and thresholds, stains on fabric upholstery and even safety belts with weak fixation and insufficient inertia.

So, buy pre owned jaguars for sale on and you will be confident, there will not be confusing surprises. You can buy second hand jaguar and be for not high price. Jaguar second hand price is 25.25 Lakh-85.00 Lakh. Jaguar cars used for sale India only on

Wish you a good purchase on our website.