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21,000 km  •  Petrol  •   Navi Mumbai  •  2013

21.84 Lakh

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34,000 km  •  Diesel  •   Navi Mumbai  •  2014

23.00 Lakh

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15,000 km  •  Petrol  •   New Delhi  •  2012

21.00 Lakh

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53,000 km  •  Diesel  •   New Delhi  •  2014

20.00 Lakh

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5,474 km  •  Diesel  •   New Delhi  •  2014

30.00 Lakh

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47,530 km  •  Petrol  •   New Delhi  •  2012

22.00 Lakh

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In our catalogue we have 6 second hand mini cars for sale. Mini second hand prices from 20.00 Lakh to 30.00 Lakh. You can go on in order to search and maybe buy second hand mini. Our convenient website will help you quickly find mini pre owned that you like.

Victory in the Second World War went to Great Britain too expensive. And the main point here is not only in human losses - Britain’s economy has been completely destroyed. German submarines, methodically exterminating Royal Navy, and Luftwaffe aircraft with their devastating raids, practically managed to fulfill their mission to destroy Britain Island that Hitler considered Germany's main enemy. And only the intervention of United States and successes of United States and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on an eastern front, saved United Kingdom from collapse. But the country's economy was rebuilding with difficulty, post-war years were very difficult. As we can see, Germany and Soviet Union managed to recover much faster.

Against the background of all of the above, it seems very strange that a miniature car which was available to an ordinary low-end consumer appeared in Britain only in 1959. British, although they carefully studied Volkswagen Beetle, but found this car frankly ugly, indistinct and unnecessary.

BMW engineers have coped with such a difficult task with honor. They managed almost impossible - new MINI, which appeared in April 2001, was not only a successful substitute, it became a cult. For example, specialists from Volkswagen never managed to create a worthy replacement for "Beetle" - Beetle II did not even get close to the glory of its legendary predecessor.

The German version of MINI automobile looks quite aggressive and fits nicely in a row with much larger prestigious models. True, experts say that the first version still surpasses its manageability. BMW also continues to please the fans of Mini brand presenting even more attractive models and concepts. For example, “Clubman” modification was revived.

Buy one of used mini on Used mini prices not much, because of it this car will be a good decision for every who wants buy it.