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Select any two or four cars to compare based on their price, specifications, features, mileage, and overall performance.Our car comparison platform helps you see a clear distinction between your chosen cars.

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Deciding to buy a car is always exciting. When you finally get the delivery of your brand new car is also very satisfying. But the time period between those two actions is where the real pain lies, when you have to compare car options and pick one best option! Yes, we are talking about researching on a car, comparison of cars, deciding on one car option, conversations with dealers, etc.  The entire process of car buying is very tiresome and often frustrating. Also, when you have all the suggestions from everyone around you on which car you should buy, it becomes all the more difficult. Isn’t it?

Even if you have certain car options in your mind, the next thing that you have to do is go to all the car dealers near your place, research on the cars and compare cars. The salespersons at the dealership cannot educate you enough on the car specifications or the pros and cons that you must be aware of. What if you get to know all the authentic details on your favourite car options at one place without even having to step out of your home? Sounds too good to be true? Well, Autoportal helps you exactly with that!

Compare Cars in India - Autoportal Car Comparison Tool

Autoportal Car Comparison Tool is here to help you to save you from all the fuss that car buyers face in the process of car buying. If you are one of those who are juggling with multiple car options and not able to decide on one, then this amazing service of Autoportal is actually what you need! Using this tool, you can compare car prices in India and all the features for two to four car options of your choice and get accurate comparison results based on several criteria, like technical specs, mileage, on-road price, design features, exterior and interior styles, infotainment features, safety equipment, transmission, etc. No need to remember car features to compare or look at multiple brochures every now and then to compare.

This is the best service that helps you compare cars online to select the best car based on the comparison results that you receive. All the information on Autoportal is authentic and reliable.

Compare Cars Online using Autoportal Car Comparison Tool

For example, you want to buy a hatchback and you have multiple options in your mind in the same price range. All of them have some or the other amazing features that you simply can’t ignore. How would you decide which one you should buy? This tool comes to your rescue in this case! You can add your car choices, and compare cars based on their features, final price, mileage and performance. You just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit and select Compare Cars option from the menu.
  2. On this page, you get to compare up to 4 cars. You already have a few options in mind. Select your first option in the Model 1 option by selecting your car from the drop-down list.
  3. Now add your second option in Model 2 by clicking on Add Car to Compare and selecting the model from the drop down list.
  4. Do this for the remaining two car options also and then click on Start Comparison.
  5. You will get a detailed list of all the features of all the four models. You can now compare cars online their details, and select which model suits your needs best in terms of features, price and everything else.
  6. Once you click on the model, it will take you to the model page of that car. You will get further details on it and you can even book a test drive or leave a booking request on the website. The customer care team will get in touch with you regarding your request.

Simple, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Save yourself from going from dealer to dealer and compare cars online in India!