Honda Cars in India

Honda cars price starts at Rs. 4.82 lakhs for the cheapest car Brio and goes up to Rs. 43.44 lakhs for the top model Honda Accord


Honda is a reputed name in the automobile industry. The brand has always been famous for its internal combustion engines. Honda has a reputation of being the largest manufacturer of these engines in the world. Honda Cars India Limited, a subsidiary of Honda, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of premium cars in India. At present, there are eight models in the list of Honda all cars on the Indian roads. It comprises of cars in every segment - hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs. Below is the Honda cars price list that will guide you through your Honda car buying journey.   

Honda Cars Price List (2023) in India

Model Ex-Showroom Price
Honda Amaze 5.93 - 9.79 Lakh
Honda Jazz 7.45 - 9.40 Lakh
Honda WR-V 8.08 - 10.48 Lakh
Honda BRV 9.53 - 13.83 Lakh
Honda City 9.91 - 14.31 Lakh
Honda Civic 17.94 - 22.35 Lakh
Honda CR-V 28.27 - 32.77 Lakh
Honda Accord Hybrid 43.21 Lakh

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Honda Cars Price List in India

Upcoming Honda Cars

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About Honda Cars

A subsidiary of Honda Motor Co. Ltd, Japan, Honda Cars India Limited (HCIL) is one of the leading manufacturers of automobiles in India. Established in 1995, HCIL set up its first manufacturing unit in India in Greater Noida, UP in 1997. This unit spread across a sprawling area of more than 150 acres, manufactures around 100,000 units annually. Honda Brio, Honda City and Honda CR-V are the primary models produced at this unit.


HCIL has another manufacturing unit in Tapukara, Alwar District, in Rajasthan. This plant is a bigger one as compared to the plant in Greate Noida. Also, this is the first car plant set up by any automobile manufacturer in Rajasthan. The Rajasthan plant of HCIL comes equipped with some of the latest facilities, like the state-of-the-art press shop and powertrain. This plant, spread over an area of over 400 acres, has an annual production capacity of 180,000 vehicles. Honda has a range of cars, from the budget passenger hatchbacks to the luxurious Honda SUV cars. People who know about internal combustion engines choose Honda cars over the others because of the better quality of their engines. The Honda car models lists various enthusiastic and practical cars like the City, WR-V, Jazz, BR-V and Amaze which are manufactured locally in India. The Honda Accord Hybrid is a CBU (Completely Built-Up) vehicle imported from Thailand.


Honda Cars India Limited exports cars as well. Currently, they export to 15 countries. In addition to the automobiles, HCIL manufactures auto components for local use as well as global export.  


Market Presence


Honda is a leading manufacturer of cars in India, but it does not match up to the market leaders. It is because Honda has only one car in the hatchback budget category. The other models are sedans, SUVs or premium hatchbacks. Hence, an average car buyer in India who prefers to go for budget hatchbacks does not have many options.


According to the market statistics, Honda cars were the fifth largest-selling cars in India for the year 2017-18. Statistically, they account for 5.17% of the market share. However, if you go by the actual numbers of units sold, Honda Cars India Limited sold 170,026 units in the previous year. However, after the launch of the Honda WR-V in 2017 and Honda Amaze in May 2018, the sales figures have seen a surge. The Honda CR-V has also returned with a bang this year.  


Honda Car Photos


Honda cars are strong and powerful because of the popular Honda engines. At the same time, they are attractive to look at as well. These cars come in stunning colours, ranging from the brightest of white to the darkest of blacks. The looks and performance both play a vital role in Honda cars becoming popular within a very short time.



Honda Brio | Honda Jazz



Honda Amaze | Honda City | Honda Accord Hybrid



Honda WR-V | Honda BR-V | Honda CR-V


Honda Cars - Frequently Asked Questions


Q1.  Is Honda an Indian company?

Honda Cars India Limited is an Indian company. It is a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan.


Q2. What is the USP of all Honda vehicles?

The Honda engine is the strength of all Honda vehicles. Honda is the leading manufacturer of internal combustion engines in the world.


Q3. Do Honda cars come with automatic transmission?

Yes, there are many options when it comes to Honda automatic cars. The Honda Brio is the least expensive of Honda all cars in India. The highest-priced variant of the Honda Brio comes with an automatic transmission system.


Q4. Does Honda WR-V have automatic transmission system?

Yes, the petrol variants of the Honda WR-V come with automatic transmission, whereas the diesel variants do not. However, the diesel variants come with the six-speed transmission as compared to the five-speed transmission system of the petrol variants.


Q5. Does Honda have a luxury car?

In the US and Canada, you have the Honda Acura as the luxury car. In India, this model is not available. The most luxurious Honda new car available in India is the Honda Accord Hybrid. It is also a CBU car imported from Thailand.


Q6. What is the difference between a Crossover and an SUV?

Honda car list has a wide variety of vehicles. The difference between the two vehicles mentioned here is very simple and based on the car’s platform. The SUV uses the chassis of a truck and the Crossover uses the car’s platform. Hence, the Crossovers have a “unibody” whereas the SUVs use a “body on frame” design.


Q7. What do the words WR-V denote?

The abbreviation WR-V denotes Winsome Runabout Vehicle. It is a compact crossover vehicle manufactured by Honda Cars India Limited at their Tapukara plant in Rajasthan.


Q8. What is the ground clearance of WR-V?

Compared to the SUVs in the market, the ground clearance of the WR-V is less. It has a ground clearance level of 188 mm whereas the clearance levels of other SUVs are above 190 mm.


Q9. Is the Honda CR-V a Crossover or an SUV?

The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover SUV with a Honda Civic platform and an SUV body design. It is one of the best Honda cars and better vehicle than the WR-V because of a high clearance level of 208 mm.


Q10. Which is the top 7-seater car from Honda?

The Honda BR-V is the top 7-seater car from Honda Cars India. The petrol variant of the BR-V comes with an automatic transmission. It is also one of the least expensive cars in its segment.


Q11. Is Honda Amaze automatic?

Yes, Honda Amaze Petrol comes with an automatic transmission option.


Q12. Does Honda Amaze have airbags?

Yes, Honda Amaze has got two front passenger airbags.


Q13. What is Honda BRV?

Honda BRV is a sub-compact SUV with seven seat capacity. It was launched by Honda in 2015 in India.


Q14. What are upcoming Honda cars in India?

Honda and all other such brands keep updating their portfolio time and now with new cars. You check our upcoming car section for more updates.


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